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Potted plants make you feel better

It makes intrinsic sense that ‘all-things-nature’ can positively impact the human condition. And there’s research that backs this up. Several experimental studies have shown that the presence of potted plants has been helpful in many settings, from work, schools, and hospitals. In particular, plants have been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, increase attentiveness and raise productivity (at work).

Not bad, hey?

So, if you’re feeling a bit stressed or inefficient in the workplace, it’s worth getting a plant. And they just look beautiful, too. Owner of Victoria Florists, Leanne, agrees, saying, “I took some potted plants home with me the other day, and I loved how it made me and the home feel so much cosier. They added a lush, green feeling to the home and helped with that indoor-outdoor flow.”

The gift that keeps giving

Another great thing about potted plants is that they are a long-lasting gift. With a little bit of water and an occasional re-potting once in a while, these plants can live on for years and years. The waste is minimal, and it’s a great sustainable present for someone you care about. It’s fair to say that plants really do have the power to heal, with science showing us that indoor plants can also help clean the air.  

Classic to contemporary

At Victoria Florists, we love the pots the plants go in, too. We have ceramic pots or stone pots in a range of complementing colours. And what plants are best for the home? “We sell a lot of peace lilies and ferns,” says Leanne. “Monsteria and rubber plants help to soften a minimalist interior, and the Ficus benjamina is a firm favourite because it’s just so easy to keep alive!”

So, whether you’re looking for a graceful, elegant plant or a statement plant on your benchtop, Victoria Florists have a range of plants and succulents to brighten anyone’s day. We can also advise you on how to care for your potted plants to get the most out of them.