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Majesty and modesty in the world of winter flowers

Whether you’re a fan of the royals or not, King’s birthday weekend comes as a welcome break from the madness and monotony of life at the beginning of our Kiwi winter. It’s a little breather just when we need it!

The occasion inspires us to delve into the majesty and splendour of some flowers in contrast with the playfulness and charm of others. Without doubt, there’s a hierarchy in the world of flowers, but what really matters is what appeals to you and suits your circumstances. When it comes to stunning floral arrangements, the jewel in the crown may well be vibrant snapdragons rather than more traditional roses or lilies.  

Reigning roses

Of course, our choices are also influenced by what’s in season. Imagining a hierarchy of winter flowers, we might put lilies, roses and orchids on top. With roses available in an array of colours, they seem like the perfect flower for any occasion, whatever the time of year. Not all roses are created equal, though. At Victoria Florist we love getting our hands on in-season varieties that are visually stunning.

Luxurious lilies and orchids

Symbolising sophistication, orchids bow to no-one and are in full bloom over winter, while lilies steal the show whatever arrangement they’re in.

Crowning glory from South Africa

Leucadendrons and proteas are striking plants hailing from South Africa. Compared with an English rose, there’s something exotic and unapologetically bold about them. Rich in colour and grand in size, the white King protea is undeniably regal. Meanwhile, leucadendrons produce vibrant red, yellow, green and cream bracts (modified leaves) at this time of year, which add texture and depth to any bouquet. The incredible popularity of these South African beauties also stems from their long vase life – they can look radiant for up to three weeks.

Uncommonly colourful

What about putting traditional favourites aside and reaching for something more vibrant, whimsical, dear we say “common” – like gerberas, stock, alstroemerias or snapdragons? These bright little numbers come in an array of colours and promise to lift your spirits this season.  

Take your pick.

Naturally, flowers are not created equal. Their incredible variety is what we love about them! While it’s fun to muse over a hierarchy of flowers where traditional favourites like roses reign supreme, the winner is always whatever flower we love the most. So, take your pick.