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With so much seasonal inspiration, what’s your pick?

There really is a season for everything. If you’ve got green fingers, you’ll know the joy that comes with seeing your favourite perennials shoot up through the earth each year. In the world of floristry, the same is true. Even those flowers grown in greenhouses bloom at particular times of the year, with many varieties available for a limited time. Week-to-week we love showcasing the most beautiful flowers of the moment in sublime bunches that are sure to inspire.

Pick me!

Each week we select the most plentiful and reasonably priced seasonal flowers to put together our beautiful “Pick of the Week” bunches. Working with the best seasonal blooms at hand, our weekly “Picks” vary widely in style and colour. Some feature single varieties, while others play with new floral combinations.

Bright and Cheers

Summer inspiration

While it’s always sad to say goodbye to the spring flowers and of course the beloved peonies, summer plays host to a variety of other stunning blooms. Which means you’ll see seasonal favourites like dahlias, lilies, hydrangeas and sunflowers taking centre stage in our summer arrangements. While our bright and cheerful “Sunshine” bunch in water-filled box captures the colour and vibrancy of the sunny season, we have a plethora of different bunches in store and online to capture different moods.

Roses reign year round

Depending on the colour and combination, a gorgeous bunch of roses can capture many different sentiments – from passion, to celebration, to sympathy. In New Zealand roses bloom all year round, which means the possibilities are vast when it comes to bouquets featuring this enduring favourite. Whether you want a bouquet of reds that conveys love and exudes elegance, or something pretty and playful like a bunch of ten luscious roses in ten different hues, the choice is yours.

Which bunch sings for you?

We love sharing our seasonal creations with customers, knowing that different combinations will sing for different people. If you’re looking for floral inspiration, be sure to check out our Pick of the Week. Or, let us help you put together a beautifully bespoke bouquet to suit the style and preferences of your loved one and the occasion. Whatever the season brings for you – whether you’re giving flowers in sympathy or celebration – we love putting together exquisite arrangements that show how much you care.